Macbeth Epilogue

Read the real end of the story of the mad Macbeth.

I'm sure you've always wanted to know what the real end of the Macbeth story is.

Bill didn't tell us what happened with the three hot witches and - above all - what Hacate did after Macbeth's death. I can only tell you that she likes crispy young guys (skaters or so).

So one day I chatted with Bill and offered him the following epilogue for his paperwork. He said he would himself write something like that, but the times were not yet ripe for the whole truth. Our discussion was something like that:

Me (asking): Bill, it is always the same old story: sex, crime and power. You didn't write about the first, perhaps the most important factor. Hacate as well as three witches are almost sacred from this point of view. Also Macbeth "the butcher" seems to be quite shy. Why?

Bill (yawning): Guys will be guys forever. You don't need to write this ...

Me (interrupting): Okay, okay, but what about the girls?

Bill (smirking): Hacate and witches are not "sweet-little-sexteens" anymore!

Me (interrupting again): Does it mean they don't need it?

Bill (laughing): Oh boy! They need it even more!!! But although older women always liked young and crispy boys, I would need to wait few more years (about 350 or so) to write about it.

Me (surprised): Are you kidding? You could write the truth! You were famous for your "business relationships" with many women. Actresses were not so sacred in your times.

Bill (roaring): Don't say a word about my sweeties in my Globe Theater!!! Do you think the times are better now?! The showbiz takes always its tribute!!!

Me (calming): You are right Bill, but you still haven't answered the question. Why couldn't you write the whole story despite those "limitations"?

Bill (smiling): Actually I did it using you my friend!

Finally I managed to convince him to read my Act 5, Scene 10.
After he did it he laughed himself dead. I'm sure he still laughs to this day!

Just hit the picture with the text and laugh yourself to death!

Yours truly Alex

Macbeth Epilogue

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