Macbeth and his wife

Read the real relationship between Macbeth and his wife.

I wonder whether you have ever thought about the relationship between Macbeth and his wife. You'll be surprised. May short text will open your eyes and you'll laugh for next few hours!

At a first glance, Macbeth and his wife obviously understood women’s emancipation a bit differently as we do. But is this really the case? Think once again... Is it not still like this?

  1. She says what he has to do and ...
  2. ... he does it.
  3. After he did lots of things she wanted him to do...
  4. ... he is fed up with her orders and ...
  5. ... he runs away.
  6. Agreed, not always he kills her before his escape ... but hey, the times have changed!

Bill has obviously sent us a message between the lines. IMHO we need to work it out - the real relationship between these two monsters, psychopaths and pathological killers...

Actually - if we want to use up-to-date expressions - we must say: between these two strongly goal-oriented personalities with clear political awareness, the individuals who are fully conscious of social dependencies between their friends and families, the leaders who are always ready to help and protect, etc. etc. etc... Okay, I hope you've got the point.

The message from Bill is - as we all know - coded with a strange language which somehow slightly recalls English (it might not be a pure coincidence, since the guy had his showbiz in London, UK - not TX/OH/AR/CA/AL/PA/MO/MS/MN...).
Therefore I tried to translate his message so everybody can understand it.

To be honest the language Bill was using is very odd. He wouldn't be understood now by most of our friends on the street ... with one exception:

He would have been perfectly understood by most of our politicians since their motivations haven't changed at all since 1620'ies. However they are not always our friends, right?

BTW, I always asked myself if the famous slogan "May the Power be with you" (or something like this) is secretly printed on pants of every politician!
I would wear it too, if this slogan would be printed in front of my pants, if you know what I mean!!!

So hit the picture with the text and learn more about the women's role in a marriage. It may save your life (at least, if you're a girl)!

Yours truly Alex

Macbeth and his wife

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